Use Medicare and Value your Health!


Healthcare is necessary for every human being & expensive to afford as well and this is the foremost reason why it’s always being discussed in politics and news. Visiting a doctor without health insurance can end you up with an outrageous amount of bill.  

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Private insurance only favors people who are employed with a company that provides them the money to pay off the amount of their private insurance. What about the rest of the unemployed people with a limited budget? Medicare is the ultimate solution for them!

Medicare plan supports people with more coverage options at a less cost and this feature stands as one of the significant benefits of availing Medicare rather than private insurance. 

You can acquire a variety of choices offered by the Government Health Plans. The people who are no longer working since their retirement but still require medical insurance are benefitted the most under Medicare.   


Difference Between Original Medicare & Medicare Advantage

YES, Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage are different!

Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage are two different branches of the same tree. Well, before picking coverage for yourself, you can grab complete details to understand more about both plans. 

Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage

Original Medicare

Original Medicare Plan provides you with two parts namely, Part A and Part B. Part A include hospital care while Part B caters to medical insurance. 

With a standard premium of about $135, Original Medicare can be easily lowered as well as raised depending on the income level of the customer. If you use Part A & Part B under the Original Medicare, you can enjoy many benefits like paying a deductible with coinsurance. 

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To acquire additional information about Part A plan offers & to know the payment of medical expenses under the same plan, you can refer to the average 2019 costs (Part A of Medicare) listed on the official Medicare website. 

Part B plan of Medicare provides possible clinical research, long-lasting medical equipment, and ambulance services as well. The plan also provides mental health services like outpatient & inpatient services including partial costs hospitalization. Customers use Part B to acquire a second opinion before having a surgery or any outpatient prescriptions. A second opinion is always useful as it helps the individual to perceive everything about his/her treatment. In outpatient prescriptions, Plan B avails you some necessary injections after the surgery. 

Once you choose a suitable plan for yourself, you can also decide if you need any additional coverage for other medical services. 

Medicare Advantage

In simple words, the Medicare Advantage Plan is a combination of the Original Medicare Plan along with some additional benefits. 

Medicare Advantage, also known as Part C comes with private insurance coverage. 

As a customer, you will directly work with the healthcare providers to know which coverage to take and also to understand who all participate in the network of your plan. 

Nearly all customers who own the Medicare Advantage Plan (MA) also acquire prescription drug coverage with the MA plan which means they are free from any expense of the additional prescription drug coverage. 

Medicare Advantage Plans also render vision, hearing, and check-ups. All these offers are provided after reducing out-of-pocket costs. 

MA Plan consists of two plans namely, HMOs and PPOs. HMOs are restricting to the local area of coverage, while PPOs Plan allows the customers to utilize a large network. 

Some MA plans don’t include premiums while some do. It is completely depending on the coverage of the customer. Hence, you should find a plan that goes well with your budget & the coverage you require. To know more about the medical services of The Medicare Advantage Plan and its costs, you can further refer to the Medicare website. 

Now that you are clear about both the plans, you can pick up a plan that fits you as well as your requirements!!

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How to Avail Medicare Benefits?

Medicare Benefits: Despite been widespread in the US community since 1965 still, people who require Medicare Plan don’t know about it. 

Medicare Health Insurance is specially designed for people who are 65 years old. People above 65 years old with specific illnesses & disabilities are also benefited under Medicare. 

Medicare Benefits

Now that you know what is Medicare, let’s move forward and understand how someone can avail the benefits of the Medicare Plans. 

In order to avail benefits of Medicare, firstly you should enroll in the Premium Medicare Program. In order to enroll, you should begin with the Medicare website (through federal government) and select your coverage plan. 

While selecting the plan, makes sure you enroll in the program which has an affordable medical cost.

In 2019, the Medicare Plan has two options namely Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans. 

Original Medicare consists of Part A and Part B of Medicare. Original Medicare allows an individual to visit any hospital or doctor that accepts Medicare Insurance. Part B of Medicare allows an individual to acquire the second opinion from any other doctor & provide him/her the accessibility to avail emergency services like using an ambulance during a medical emergency.

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Blue Cross Blue Shield

Everything about Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) is a prominent federation consisting of 36 different Health Insurance organizations & companies in the United States. Blue Cross Blue Shield caters health insurance service across the U.S to over 110 million people.


Blue Cross Blue Shield is a primary linkage between all the other licensees. BCBS manages operating policies that every Licensee is bound to follow to be a licensee and it also controls the communications happening between various “Plans”, allowing all the Licensees to provide national insurance, although every plan has a defined service area. 

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Brief History:

blue cross blue shield history

Named as ‘The Association’ in the healthcare insurance industry, Blue Cross Blue Shield was initially two separate parts namely Blue Cross originated in 1929 and Blue Shield in 1939. 

Blue cross which supplied quality coverage for hospital services was further developed into a new association called Blue Cross Association in 1960, while Blue Shield which specifically covered physicians’ services was developed into Blue Shield Association in 1948. 

The initial scheme of Blue Cross guaranteed 21 days of hospital care to teachers for $6 per year and slowly it reached out to other employee sets in Dallas and finally got extended nationally. 

Blue Shield was slowly formed by employers along with mining camps in the Pacific Northwest to cater medical care facilities. 

The two ‘BLUE’ organizations united in the year 1982. 

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Service of Blue Cross Blue Shield:

Blue Cross Blue Shield has been catering healthcare coverage to the community since 1929. Healthcare insurance services of BCBS allowed a bunch of people to live without any fear & worry. Personalized offers of BCBS reach out to numerous people & communities living in every ZIP code, taking care of their needs and expectations. In order to deliver affordable & quality healthcare, they are closely linked with hospitals as well as specialized doctors. 

Blue Cross Blue Shield thoroughly perceives & answers to the queries of local groups while supplying healthcare coverage to more than 110 million members in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. In the U.S, more than 96% of hospitals & 95% of doctors as well as specialists work with BCBS. 

A total sum of 36 BCBS companies includes both independent & locally operated firms. They provide national health insurance coverage to four out of five American populations all over 50 states, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. Plus, the BCBS Federal Employee Program works to ensure more than 5 million federal employees and retirees along with their families.

For years, BCBS has successfully catered 100% security to the communities and the members living therein. BCBS companies compassionately assist, invest in & construct plans as well as partnerships that offer a profitable effect on the health & welfare of American inhabitants. 

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Medicare Coverage of BCBS:

Medicare Coverage of BCBS

Well, before choosing a Medicare coverage for you, let’s put some light on Medicare and understand how it works. 

Medicare is federal health insurance provided to an eligible group of people. Medicare offers various parts namely Part A, B, C & D that are built to address every need in the community. 

Eligibility Requirements for Medicare Coverage:

You can own a Medicare if you are: 

  • 65 years old
  • Under 65 with definite medical conditions or disabilities
  • Diagnosed with ESRD (End-stage renal disease) or ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)
  • Benefited from Social Security or RRB (Railroad Retirement Board).

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Parts of Medicare:

Medicare Part A and B are known as Original Medicare. Both of them consist of a specified set of services & benefits.

Medicare Part A Part A caters facilities including inpatient care in hospitals and home health care services for terminally ill individuals.   
Medicare Part B Part B caters preventive services, outpatient care, durable medical equipment, medical supplies and doctor services. 

Other than Part A and PART B, Medicare also offers the following coverage: 

Medicare Advantage

Part C

PART C is a combination of Part A & Part B with some additional benefits including hearing aids, eye examination and wellness programs. 

It is compulsory to own Part A and Part B to enrol into Part C/Medicare Advantage Part.

Prescription Drug Coverage

Part D

Part D of Medicare is prescription drug coverage.An individual can own Part D by enrolling in the Original Medicare plan or the Medicare Advantage plan. 

(Medicare Supplement)

These are state-related insurance policies for specific groups who avail Medicare coverage plan through Original Medicare. 

Medigap helps paying some health care expenses that Original Medicare doesn’t offer. 

Medigap provides extra benefits as well. 

Blue Cross Blue Shield Employee Benefits:

 Blue Cross Blue Shield Benefits

Blue Cross Blue Shield cares about the employees. BCBS Benefits help employees’ to upgrade their aspects including professional development, general well-being, financial security, and physical health. The company makes sure to create an encouraging work environment for the employees, allowing them to take a break from their work in order to maintain their peace of mind. Benefit packages of BCBS are clearly the support system of employees as it works actively for their good health as well as wealth. Physical health is the primary key which leads to overall well-being. BCBS Benefit Packages motivate employees’ to imbibe healthy habits to improve their quality of life. Employees’ are provided with competitive plans with incentives, weight-loss programs, corporate discounts on bike shares, healthy eating seminars and many more. Health Management plans also reach out to the dependents of employees. 

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Blue Cross Blue Shield caters a list of medical plans after taking into account their employees’s budget and requirements. These plans also include vision & digital plans and prescription drug programs.