5 Best Life Insurance Companies

5 Best Life Insurance Companies

November 1, 2019 45 By akhilesh

Life Insurance Companies: Well, you all may already know what life insurance is and how it works. With an increasing number of insurance companies in the market, you may find it difficult to pick one to purchase your insurance plan from.

Who said that protecting your family is expensive? Here is a list of best life insurance companies that offer a low rate life insurance policy. It will definitely help you choose a suitable insurance plan provider for your family. 

1. Life Insurance by Bestow

Life Insurance by Bestow Logo

Insurance plans of Life Insurance by Bestow start at $3 per month which is just best for people on a fixed budget. Life insurance provided by them permits you to skip your doctor & say a “big NO” to the pile of paperwork. 

As a policyholder, you can easily receive a quote as everything is 101% online. You just have to answer some easy questions & acquire a decision quickly. There is also no need to register your name, phone number or email to receive a quote. 

Relying more on data than feedbacks from a medical examination, Bestow is truly a combination of ancient quality fused with present-day technology. 

Insurance policies by Bestow are completely modifiable which is why Life Insurance by Bestow is in the top list. 



There are a lot of people out there who are concerned about the premium price while purchasing life insurance. For all those people, TIAA is the right destination. 

TIAA has plans for as low as $10 per month & also its online tool for quotes will provide the results in as little as a few seconds. 

Available in nearly all the states & areas of the United States, TIAA has consistently been one of the top insurance providers in the country. You can also use its online tool named “Wizard” or contact their representative to get guidance for the procedure & also to choose a policy. 

The company serves a variety of term options that range from 10-year policies to even 30-year protection. At any point in your plan, you are free to shift over to a permanent policy. TIAA’s plans are renewable irrespective of its type (term or permanent).  

Not only easy & quick choice but TIAA’S policies are also affordable as well as affordable for anyone.

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3. State Farm 

State Farm logo

For those who are facing difficulty to find coverage in your area, State Farm is your ultimate solution. State Farm has some best policy options. The company operates across the US excluding 3 states- Wisconsin, Massachusetts and New York. Inhabitants of other states can easily avail a life insurance policy. 

State Farm is also well-known for its exceptional customer service. The company has a liberal changing policy if anyone decides to shift to a permanent policy. Policyholders under 75 years of age can shift whenever without any medical exam. 

State Farm’s plans are a little costlier than its competitors in the market like TIAA. The company is preferable to those policyholders who want to enjoy the advantages of State Farm’s nationwide rank and also its convenient conversion policy. 

4. New York Life

New York Life Logo

In most cases, term life insurance becomes uncertain for seniors as the offered term lengths decrease as the person gets older. New York Life also a few similar restrictions, but the company is well-known for the flexibility offered in its life insurance plans. 

The two main reasons why AARP chose to partner with NWF are their flexible terms and the ability to convert an existing policy to permanent life insurance. The company serves a list of universal life insurance plans to its policyholders. 

5. Transamerica

Transamerica logo

Transamerica serves a long list of term life insurance options. Their protections range from $25,000 to $10 million. A person with high net worth can also acquire more on individual consideration.  

While nearly all the insurance companies need policyholders to undergo a health exam before being eligible for the respective policy, Transamerica allows people under a certain age to skip the examination. 

Apart from all these, Transamerica is also famous for providing flexible coverage options. You can easily add extra financial coverage for accidental deaths & also critical illness. As a policyholder of Transamerica, you will acquire good reputation and customized choices.  

Transamerica’s plans become costly for a person who smokes which is about $ 100 and more per annum. 

These are the 5 best life insurance companies in the United States. Now, it’s your right decision which will lead you & your loved ones towards acquiring many benefits.