5 Best Dental Insurance for Your Little One

5 Best Dental Insurance for Your Little One

November 1, 2019 42 By akhilesh

Best Dental Insurance

Best Dental Insurance: More than adults, children require a regular drill of brushing, caring and flossing their gums and teeth. In most of the cases, even brushing every day is not enough to maintain your kid’s teeth healthy. The main reason causing tooth decay or cavity problem to children is the leftover food which leads to bacterial growth. 

The infected region on the surface of the teeth is termed as cavities. If not treated at the earliest, these damaged regions can form holes in your kid’s tooth. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 20% of children aged between 5 to 11 suffer dental issues including cavity & decaying.    

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Without any second thought, you should definitely purchase a dental insurance plan for your kid. Today, you have an ample number of dental insurance companies providing dental insurance plans, especially for kids. Most of these plans also offer free regular cleaning schemes as well as dental checkups. 

The interesting part is that under the Affordable Care Act, children’s dental treatments are necessary for all children under the age of 18. Affordable Care Act clearly states that every health insurance for children should offer dental services. Hence, dental benefits for kids can be a part of health insurance or else can be a different plan. 

There are many plans in the market which is why the dental coverage for kids differs from plan to plan. The insurance provider, as well as the state of the borrower, plays a vital role in the coverage options. 

Nearly all dental plans for kids provide 100% coverage for:

  • Regular checkups 
  • Cleaning services 
  • Preventive care in order to protect your child’s tooth from decaying 

You would not pay an extra penny from your pocket for the above-mentioned services. Most people prefer a plan that assures 100% coverage.  

Other than this, children’s dental insurance coverage also includes:

  • Fluoride treatments: To stop tooth decay
  • Tooth fillings: To heal cavities 
  • Orthodontics, like braces: to straighten teeth 

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There is no shortage of options for children’s dental insurance plans.  Although there are some companies in the market that do not provide children specific insurance plans but instead they offer plans for pediatric dental treatments under a family dental coverage plan. Before you choose a plan for your kid, make sure you read the whole policy thoroughly. 

Best Dental Coverage

Now, let’s know about the cost as it is also one of the major aspects when you buy insurance. The average rate of personal dental insurance (adult) is $ 350 per year. Talking about children’s personal dental insurance, they are comparatively less expensive. 

Delta Dental $ 16/month 4.8
Guardian Dental $ 20/month 4.5
Humana $ 40/month 3.5
United Healthcare $ 21/month 4.5
MetLife $ 32/month 4

Many dental plans ask you to undertake a waiting period before you use the services & before you turn eligible to enjoy your insurance benefits. But again, the waiting period differs from plan to plan. In fact, there are plans that do not offer you a waiting period which means you can visit the dentist straight away once your policy sets in place. 

Most waiting periods are up to six months. A more costly insurance plan offers a less waiting period compared to a less costly one. 

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We all hate to regret about our own decisions. Therefore, keep the following points in mind & thoroughly examine each one of them while purchasing a dental plan for your child: 

  • Monthly or premium of coverage
  • How much of each treatment do you will have to cover out from your pocket? 
  • Annual limits on your benefits
  • Availability of the plan in your state/local area
  • Stability of the insurance company 
  • Children-specific dental plans of the insurance company
  • Availability of plan covering the treatment that your child may need 

As an intelligent borrower, you should study numerous providers before finally considering one. Before selecting your insurance company, research the following points:

  • how long the company been in the business 
  • the vision & motto of the company
  • 3rd party opinions from some actual customers 
  • Their customer service
  • Availability of online account management, mobile apps & 24*7 customer helplines 

So that you are clear about Children Dental Insurance plans now, let’s know some of the best dental insurance for kids:

  1. GUARDIAN DENTAL- Affordable out of all
  2. UNITED HEALTHCARE- Offers the best plan options
  3. HUMANA- Best option for Increased Coverage over time
  4. DELTA DENTAL- Best option for child-specific coverage
  5. METLIFE- Best option for family coverage

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Now, you are aware of everything related to Dental Coverage for Children. Without wasting more time, go purchase a dental insurance plan for your little one.

If you care about your kid’s smile, you will definitely get dental insurance for them!!!