6 Major Side Effects of Oregano Oil You Should Know!!

6 Major Side Effects of Oregano Oil You Should Know!!

May 21, 2020 113 By akhilesh

side effects of oregano oil

We all know oregano as a great ingredient used in cooking that can also be concentrated into oregano oil which is very famous for its potent antimicrobial properties. But not many know about the side effects caused by oregano oil.

Undoubtedly, the chemical compounds in oregano oil have multiple benefits but if consumed in excess, it can be equally risky as well. A lot of people use this oil on a regular basis to reap its maximum benefits, which can be wrong in the long run.

Let’s dig deeper and know the 6 major side effects of oregano oil:


One of the major side effects of oregano oil is it causes skin allergies. And these effects are more noticed through oregano oil supplements. Why? Because such supplements are produced without any approval by the Food and Drug Administration. On the other hand, people allergic to plants in the Lamiaceae family also witness allergy after using oregano oil. In addition to this, oregano oil with concentration 3-5 percent can also cause skin irritation to some people.

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Gastric Distress

You may have always heard that oregano oil is a great source to improve gut issues. Unfortunately, the oil can affect the other way too. Excessive intake of oregano oil can result in gastrointestinal distress. And there is no specific reason for this side effect due to limited research and studies. Hence, it is always advised to consult a doctor before consuming the oil.


Oregano oil contains carvacrol that is believed to be responsible for hypoglycemia, i.e. excessively low blood sugar levels. According to studies, excessive consumption of oregano oil can reduce serum glucose levels. Well, many of you may consider this as a benefit but people who are on medications to lower their blood sugar may have to face some serious health issues afterward. Plus, oregano oil also impacts glucose sensitivity. Keeping this in mind, if a person is already on diabetes medications, then oregano oil can further accentuate those effects.

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According to a recent study, an herbal infusion including oregano resulted in abortion in pregnant women. But again, the herbal infusion included numerous ingredients as well, so it is hard to state oregano as the sole culprit.

On the other hand, a different report highlighted the possibility of miscarriage due to herbal infusions. It is also known as herbal abortion that is a process to induce miscarriage purposely by consuming a series of herbs. And it is worth mentioning that oregano oil is also one such herb. Although there are very few studies to prove the direct link of oregano oil to miscarriage, still doctors advise pregnant women to avoid the intake of oregano oil.

Cardiac & Respiratory Collapse

Oregano oil contains another compound namely thymol that can lead to a cardiac or respiratory collapse in some individuals. Plus, it can also cause central hyperactivity, convulsions, and coma. Although all these effects are very rare; however one should be well-aware of them before deciding to intake oregano oil.

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Bleeding Disorder

Oregano oil can also increase the risk of bleeding in some people. Some studies found that oregano oil inhibits aggregation of arachidonic acid and adenosine diphosphate. With that being said, consumption of oregano oil affects platelet aggregation, increasing the risk of bleeding disorder.

Bottom Line

Ever since we have known about oregano oils, people have only highlighted its benefits to us including soothing and curing symptoms/medical conditions. But the aforementioned points have helped us to know the other side of the oil as well. That is when a question arises, Should oregano oil be used? Well, if you want to consume oregano oil, be it as a supplement or essential oil, ensure to follow exact dosage directions.

Most importantly, one should always consult a physician before using oregano oil. You should also keep in mind that essential oils are comparatively stronger than supplements, thus it should be diluted. Also, it should be completely avoided by babies and pregnant/breastfeeding women. Lastly, you can easily find oregano oils in any medical store near you, however, you should always purchase a reputed brand (be a smart consumer!).