Difference Between Original Medicare & Medicare Advantage

Difference Between Original Medicare & Medicare Advantage

October 31, 2019 42 By akhilesh

YES, Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage are different!

Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage are two different branches of the same tree. Well, before picking coverage for yourself, you can grab complete details to understand more about both plans. 

Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage

Original Medicare

Original Medicare Plan provides you with two parts namely, Part A and Part B. Part A include hospital care while Part B caters to medical insurance. 

With a standard premium of about $135, Original Medicare can be easily lowered as well as raised depending on the income level of the customer. If you use Part A & Part B under the Original Medicare, you can enjoy many benefits like paying a deductible with coinsurance. 

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To acquire additional information about Part A plan offers & to know the payment of medical expenses under the same plan, you can refer to the average 2019 costs (Part A of Medicare) listed on the official Medicare website. 

Part B plan of Medicare provides possible clinical research, long-lasting medical equipment, and ambulance services as well. The plan also provides mental health services like outpatient & inpatient services including partial costs hospitalization. Customers use Part B to acquire a second opinion before having a surgery or any outpatient prescriptions. A second opinion is always useful as it helps the individual to perceive everything about his/her treatment. In outpatient prescriptions, Plan B avails you some necessary injections after the surgery. 

Once you choose a suitable plan for yourself, you can also decide if you need any additional coverage for other medical services. 

Medicare Advantage

In simple words, the Medicare Advantage Plan is a combination of the Original Medicare Plan along with some additional benefits. 

Medicare Advantage, also known as Part C comes with private insurance coverage. 

As a customer, you will directly work with the healthcare providers to know which coverage to take and also to understand who all participate in the network of your plan. 

Nearly all customers who own the Medicare Advantage Plan (MA) also acquire prescription drug coverage with the MA plan which means they are free from any expense of the additional prescription drug coverage. 

Medicare Advantage Plans also render vision, hearing, and check-ups. All these offers are provided after reducing out-of-pocket costs. 

MA Plan consists of two plans namely, HMOs and PPOs. HMOs are restricting to the local area of coverage, while PPOs Plan allows the customers to utilize a large network. 

Some MA plans don’t include premiums while some do. It is completely depending on the coverage of the customer. Hence, you should find a plan that goes well with your budget & the coverage you require. To know more about the medical services of The Medicare Advantage Plan and its costs, you can further refer to the Medicare website. 

Now that you are clear about both the plans, you can pick up a plan that fits you as well as your requirements!!

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