In-Depth Comparison of Medicare Insurance

In-Depth Comparison of Medicare Insurance

November 12, 2019 44 By akhilesh

Medicare is a program funded by the government providing millions of Americans with coverage for their health care expenses. However, Medicare is not at all free. Like most of the health insurance, recipients of Medicare also pay deductibles, premiums, and many other costs.

Do you know about all the plans under Medicare? If not, you should definitely grasp complete knowledge about them with the help of this in-depth comparison:


1) Monthly Premiums & Deductibles Of Medicare Part A

Part A provides coverage when a person is in the hospital or a skilled nursing service and some other situations also.

Payroll taxes paid Monthly premium Deductible
40+ quarters $0 $1,408
30–39 quarters $252 $1,408
0–29 quarters $458 $1,408

Unlike other coverages, the deductible of Part A functions in a different way. Despite resetting yearly, Part A deductible reset after every benefit period.

2) Annual Deductibles & Monthly Premiums Of Medicare Part B

Part B provides coverage for nearly all the regular health care expenses like durable medical equipment, doctor visits, and lab work.

All recipients compensate the same deductible for Medicare Part B. While many people pay a standard premium of $144.60 in the year 2020, people also pay extra for the same coverage if they make beyond $87,000 (or $174,000, if you’re married) yearly.

Income (individual) Monthly premium Annual deductible
$87,000 or less $144.60 $185
$87,001–$109,000 $202.40 $185
$109,001–$136,000 $289.20 $185
$136,001–$163,000 $376.00 $185
$163,001–$499,999 $462.70 $185
$500,000 or more $491.60 $185

Also, a married individual’s income can affect his/her premiums of Part B, no matter the couple file their tax separately or jointly.


3) Annual Deductibles & Monthly Premiums Of Medicare Part B

Medicare Advantage or Part C is a combination of Part A and Part B along with extra benefits that may also vary from plan to plan. Also, premiums & deductibles of Medicare Advantage are also different by area, plan, and insurer.

In 2020, the average premium of Medicare Advantage is $23. However, a few of the Medicare Advantage plans provide $0 premiums as well. Also, if you belong to an unusually competitive area (For example, a big city that is home to a lot of Medicare recipients), you can discover a plan with a payback on the premiums of your plan.

4) Annual Deductibles & Monthly Premiums Of Medicare Part D

Part D is exclusive Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage. Alike Medicare Advantage, plans under Part D are catered by private insurers which particularly means that deductible & premiums will definitely differ by area & plan. In 2020, the average premium of Part D plan is about $30.

The total monthly premium can be high when a person makes beyond $87,000 per annum. 

Beneficiaries under high-income will also have to pay an extra $12 to $77 along with their monthly premium.

5) Annual Deductibles & Monthly Premiums Of Medicare Part D

Plans under Medicare Supplement or Medigap help recipients to pay expenses related to their Medicare Parts A & B and also pays off the deductibles for both Part A & Part B (in a few plans). Medigap plans do not have any deductible.

However, you will have to compensate a premium and the payment is completely based on the plan you signed up into, the area you live & also the insurance company you selected. The premium of Medigap also depends on the recipient’s health.

Did you now get a clear picture of Medicare Plans? If yes, go choose the best deal for you today!!