Medicare Advantage Plans for You

Medicare Advantage Plans for You

November 11, 2019 244 By akhilesh

Most well-known Medicare Advantage plans are Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) & Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs). If you don’t know about Medicare Advantage Plans, we are here to explain to you about all the plans under Medicare Advantage:  


1) HMO and PPO

Both HMOs & PPOs advantage plans are served by private insurance providers rather than the federal Medicare program. A major dissimilarity between the HMO plan and PPO plan is the extent of liberty to get outside a chain of healthcare companies to acquire care.

With the HMO plan, one should stay in the chain if he/she needs the insurance provider to provide coverage for health care costs. And with the PPO plan, an individual is free to get outside the chain but he/she would probably have to pay more.

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Private Fee-for-service somewhat works like Original Medicare as you can know about the suppliers who negotiate to acquire your insurance. Suppliers are not bound to acquire the insurance, but, you will require to own a written approval before every service & the risk that is being stuck with any bill.

The plans under PFFS are the 3rd most well-known Medicare Advantage plans available in the year 2019.


A plan under HMO-POS is somewhat familiar to a regular HMO as you will have access to a network of suppliers & will need a reference from the primary care physician to visit a specialist.

But, HMO-POS plans serve an option to get outside the network to meet a provider who acquires Medicare, only if you would like to.

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The plans under Special Needs focus to utilize health for people in distinct situations. Special Needs Plans are provided to 3 types of people:

  • Dual eligible can easily sign up to a D-SNP. (those who are eligible for both Medicaid & Medicare)
  • Individuals with any chronic conditions like ESRD (end-stage renal disease) or diabetes can sign up in a C-SNP.
  • Individuals living in an institution like a mental institution or nursing home can also sign up in an I-SNP.


Medical Savings Account is somewhere the same as the Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). It is generally combined with a higher-deductible policy and also these accounts have the additional benefits of tax-sheltered savings account that you can utilize for your medical costs.

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Cost plans might be rare but they are truly versatile. They consist of a network. However, if you acquire treatment out of that specific network, you will still gain coverage under Original Medicare but only if your provider obtains Medicare.

So, are you clear about the Medicare Advantage Plans? If yes, then go search plans in your place and enroll today!!!