Select the Best Medicare Plan For You

Select the Best Medicare Plan For You

November 11, 2019 35 By akhilesh

Healthcare needs differ from person to person. You should always choose a better-suited plan for yourself so that you can get certain results.

Part A and Part B of Original Medicare are sponsored by the government & are recognized nationwide. Meanwhile, Medicare Advantage Plans provide additional benefits at a certain cost.


Medicare Supplement Plans or Medigap adds up additional services to your original coverage.

Let’s know about the 3 major types of Medicare Plan options available:

1) Part A & Part B

This is basically traditional benefit coverage served by the federal government. The plan is provided when a person turns 65 years old or else entitled to a certain disability or ESRD (End-Stage Renal Disease).

It includes 2 parts namely A and B. While Part A is completely cost-free, as well as funds for your hospital services, Part B (optional), consists of a premium & funds for outpatient, office visits and a few other benefits.

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You should select this plan, if:

  • You cannot bear or do not wish to pay any premiums

While Part A does not include any premium costs, Part B completely depends on your total income.

  • You travel often

The best part of this plan is that it is accepted nationwide and that is why you can access it throughout the US. So, you do not have to pay any additional expenses for moving out of the network.

  • You avail coverage from any employer

If a person is still working & he acquires healthcare coverage from his employer, he will want to have it.

You can lose your retirement or employer-sponsored health coverage when you buy an MA Plan or Part C when you are still working.

2) Part C

Plans under Part C is a combination of Part A and B.

Mostly these coverage is sold by Private insurers including copays, deductibles, and premiums, which you will pay.

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You should select this plan, if:

  • You want prescription drugs

You will have to buy Part D Prescription Drug Coverage with Part A & Part B. But nearly all MA Plans cover medications. Also, premiums of Part D differ depending on the customer’s income.

  • You need a limitation on out-of-pocket costs

Yes, Plan C includes a limitation on out-of-pocket costs. That means when you will meet your out-of-pocket limitation, the plan will further fund for every covered service.

  • You need extra coverage

The plan offers distinguished coinsurance prices in conversion for various premium prices. It may include extra coverage for wellness services, vision and dental as well.

3) Medigap

Private insurance companies provide Medigap or Medicare Supplements (MS) plans. The benefits of the plans under Medigap are set by the federal government and each plan varies with its degree of coverage.

The major reason why people tend to choose Medigap is that they prefer Part A as well as Part B but also need additional coverage. 

People used to be normally satisfied with the price & access offered by the traditional coverage but somewhere they wish more benefits. Medigap plans also cover services that are not mainly covered by others like hearing aids, vision, dental long term or private care.

So, which plan are you choosing?  Do end up with the right plan!! Give a call to one of the licensed experts today!!!