Best and Rest Rated Medicare Advantage Plans of 2019

Best and Rest Rated Medicare Advantage Plans of 2019

November 6, 2019 45 By akhilesh

Every year, seniors rate various Medicare Advantage Health Insurance policies existing in the market. They give scores to plans based on certain factors and end up with the best ones of the respective year. Following are the 6 factors that are considered before giving score:

  1. Coverage and benefits
  2. Cost
  3. Provider choice
  4. Customer service
  5. Billing and payment
  6. Information and communication

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The plan, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan became the best plan for the fifth time in the year 2019. Kaiser Foundation Health Plan ranked No. 1 according to a study conducted by J.D. Power. More than 3,200 members from the United States were voted for the study in 2019.

Medicare Advantage Plans

The Best of Medicare Advantage Plans

  • Kaiser Foundation Health Plan- with a score of 833/1000 points
  • Highmark- 818/1000 points
  • Humana- 803/1000 points
  • Aetna- 801/1000 points
  • Centene- 799/1000 points

The Rest of Medicare Advantage Plans

  • Anthem: 788/1000 points
  • Cigna-HealthSpring: 78/1000 points
  • UnitedHealthcare: 784/1000 points
  • WellCare: 773/1000 points
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan: 762/1000 points
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota: 769/1000 points

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Let’s know more about the Top Medicare Advantage Plan:

1. Kaiser Foundation Health Plan

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan is known as one of the most customer satisfactory Medicare Advantage plan in the market. They have earned customers by providing personalized customer service, quick responsiveness & extensive benefits as well as coverage. 

Kaiser serves two levels of Medicare Advantage plans namely Medicare Advantage Plus and standard Medicare Advantage. These plans offer expanded services & coverage. You can also avail the options to modify your coverage along with the 5-star customer service team.

2. Highmark

There is no Advantage Plan holder in the market without a coverage network concern. Everyone needs a plan that provides a broader network so that he/she can acquire full coverage irrespective of where they are.

Highmark serves as one of the largest networks of specialists and doctors to the Advantage plan holders. Facilities of Highmark are available in most of the states in the United States. Highmark also provides special health policies for people residing on Native American reserve and this facility is not served by other Medicare Advantage providers. 

Also, Highmark provides a list of healthy living incentives that include a different “Passport Rewards” program which renders financial incentives to the customers along with protective care treatments & services. 

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3. Humana

Humana is just the right plan provider for all those people with a limited income who want extra coverage other than Original Medicare. Humana serves a list of Medicare Advantage plans including dental, vision & prescription drug coverage with $0 premiums per month.  

Humana Advantage plans to provide a number of extra services including mail delivery prescription services and membership of SilverSneakers fitness. 

4. Aetna

One of the well-known Medicare Advantage suppliers for individualized plan solutions, Aetna Medicare Advantage plans offer the widest range of coverage. Aetna serves HMO as well as PPO plans. They render restricted options of unique needs plans in over 12 states.

The plans of Aetna are beneficial more than Original Medicare. They also include prescription drug deliveries, local healthy living resources & SilverSneakers fitness memberships. Many plans also offer dental and vision coverage options. Customers also get a large availability along with 24*7 on-call nursing services.

5. Centene

Centene serves high-quality & pocket-friendly healthcare with dignity to its customers. Medical Advantage Plans of Centene is helping more & more people every day.

So, who offers the best plans according to you? Figure out your needs and pick one of the suitable Medicare Advantage Plans for you!

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Compare Providers & Prioritize Your Requirements!!